Strad cello with adjustable neck!

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1 hour ago, jacobsaunders said:

The adjustable Cello (guitar etc.) neck was one (of the many) inventions of Johann Georg Staufer. We briefly discussed it here 


or here 


Thank you, Jacob.  Original form seen inside the converted size is quite remarkable, to me.  How might this affect the overall value of the altered original- i.e., would it have been more valuable to have kept this as a Stradivari workshop viola de gamba, or does it really matter?  I’d assume it is still worth a cool million...

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2 hours ago, Mark Caudle said:

I have 2 old cellos with flat backs!

Would you kindly provide some pictures, if available?  I wonder about the tonal advantages/disadvantages, and what a  flat back with average arching on the top may or may not do- maybe warmer sound, less power, limited overtones?

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