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Is this Cello worth a trip to France? (Cello ID)


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I googled both of them, the "Bourgignon" and "Antony Jassogne" are real people.

The price quoted by the Jassogne seems in line with the auctions, so I would suspect on something priced less the half of its value.

I also see that the Jassogne does not say it is a real "Bourgignon" just that the label sais that and the value he estimates.

The "48 hours in advance" sounds really bad.

But the pictures... it doen't resemble to me a 90 year old instrument. The bridge is new and it is badly fitted. 

I do not know the price of the tickets for your trip but unless you want ot spend a few days on your own I do not see in the Cello a reason to go.

But I'm not an expert, I warn you.



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