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Solfege- how and where did you learn?


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When I went to Berklee, we used moveable do solfege for sight singing and ear training.  After I got out into the real world, I never thought about it much, because every musician that I happened to talk
about it with learned moveable do. I knew about fixed do, but always (incorrectly) assumed it was an obsolete style of solfege.

And as for a learning, you could use something like Ear Master, but I'd recommend to start with a teacher. 

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I first learned solfege (and chironomy) in 1959 at St. Alphonsus School from  Sister Mary Hugh. She passed out books of Gregorian Chants and we mimicked her voice and hand gestures.

Sixty years later I can still stumble through relative solfege by sight reading modern music notation, but chant notation and hand conducting are long forgotten.

I guess I am saying find a teacher you can mimic and just do it. This seems to be a skill that is mostly acquired through practice rather than theory.

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I think it would be literally impossible for me to do solfege.  I would like to try sometime, in a class so I could see how I compare.  When I did ear training I thought notes on the fiddle as in playing by ear, which made it easy.  Without that, just having to pull notes out of the air with no reference...

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