Small Viiolins

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I keep the computers running for a Houston luthier.

And demonstrate violins as needed.

1)  If you accept Hutchins scaling, then the ideal

    viola is 21 inches.  And the standard one inch 

    difference between fractional sizes becomes

   one and a half inches.  So my 18" Viola is

   half size.  And the "normal" 16.5" viola is

quarter size.    So you cannot make a 1/4 size

violin sound good!  Hmm..  My luthier can make

1/4 size violins sound good.

2)  As a practical matter - we sell student  level 

     violins on a three year rental purchase program 

    $15 a month - $50 to upsize.  If you are talented,

    a really good sounding fiddle at 3 times the price.

   And we have good sounding instruments from

  1/4 size up.  This is a strategy that has worked 

for decades.  

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I can only say that after a couple of decades playing a half size alto (18"),  It is a satisfying instrument!

And I have played some really nice 1/4 and 1/2 size fiddles that have a lot of the sound of a 4/4 violin,

 although there is less volume.    A good sound is possible for 1/4 size (11") violins.

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