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Spread wedge issue


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For those of you who rehair bows:

There is a certain American company that is very popular for their carbon fiber bows. Now that they also make the frogs from synthetic materials I have noticed an issue, specifically with the cello bows. The issue is that it seems nearly impossible to get the hair to stay spread out for the entire width of the ferrule. After a time the hair always wants to gather in the center of the ferrule leaving small gaps near the edges. I re-hair many bows and only have this issue on this specific type of bow so I know it's not just me.

I'm curious if others are having this problem and if they have found any satisfactory work arounds.

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Sounds like there may be an issue with the hair being squeezed together sideways with not enough of a transition as it enters the channel that leads to the plug. I haven't noticed this with the  brand I sell but will be looking to see if this looks like it should be made wider.

I use willow for wedges and make them as tight as I dare.

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I know there’s a big argument about what wood to use, so I’ll try to avoid starting a war. However, you might try a harder wood like mahogany if the bass wood is misbehaving. I’ve had very good results with it after trying several woods. I tried poplar for a short time but found it gave me some trouble. 

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