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Important Petition for Bows & the UK Ivory Act - please sign!

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20 hours ago, Bill Merkel said:

I think if there was a total exemption for musical instruments, every new bow from China would end up with an ivory faceplate, and you'd be single-handedly responsible for elephant extinction in no time flat.  The cheapest old Euro bows I've seen still have ivory tips.

The pre '75 certification and registration is undoubtedly the best idea.  Yes, it's a lot of paperwork but it seems to me to show the extent they're willing to accommodate you!!   Plus, you guys, dealers, will probably certify the bows and you will charge the customer for that.  Then if you forge a certificate jezzupe can chop your head off.  Fine by me as long as they draw and quarter you first.

I hear what you have to say. I think there are two considerations here. 

1) The reliance on other parts of the act, and other parts of international agreements to enforce the ban on the illegal trade in illegally culled ivory. 

2) The second is that 1975 is the date of the international ban on ivory from Asian elephants. It was still perfectly legal to trade in African ivory until 1989. Effectively that means that there is a retrospective ban on the last 14 years of once-legal production. Whatever quibbles we may have about that (and we may), the later of the two dates provides a more efficacious red line because there is a significantly smaller grey area in terms of ivory used on bows, and in terms of the problems of dating bows within these terms. 

However it should be noted that just as the EU is taking its lead from UK legislation (for various reasons unconnected to Brexit, we thought it a good idea to legislate separately). UK law is taking its lead from the 2014 US law. 

A good summary of the US position can be read here:

From an immoral dealer's perspective, you are absolutely right, we would love to make money providing supporting certificates, or charging to grind the ivory off regardless of the damage it causes. But oddly, we tend to see ourselves as guardians for the musical world, and have a perverse tendency to draw an ethical line for the most part. It is the sheer scale of the problem that lends most of all to campaign to prevent the absurdity of registration combined in equal measure with the understanding that unnecessary legislation drains resources from the urgent matter in hand of stopping smuggling and the illegal trade that drives demand for ivory. 

It is worth understanding that this was an election pledge intended to win emotional support for the same conservative party that thought Brexit referendum was also a great pledge. As the two issues have passed through parliament simultaneously, the government has been oversensitive to bad press, so more willing to obstruct pragmatic views that fly against popular sentiment. On 20 December 2018 when it was given Royal Assent, Theresa May was in the midst of delaying the vote on the Brexit deal until after Christmas in some of the highest tension political drama of our present idicoracy. That is why fresh eyes are needed on these counterproductive issues. 

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On ‎1‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 7:35 PM, Bill Merkel said:

If the old bow makers had used something radioactive for the tip, you'd have no problem with replacing it with plastic.


Well said, Bill. See them.all panicking, those who are the auctioneers, and dealers, and there is no reason for using ivory anymore, nor bone, nor Ebony, nor horse hair from slaughtered Siberian horses, as they can grow tails of which can be cut, in single hank sizes, alive, which would make the price sky rocket for bow hair which is correct, as well as ethical on every level. As for gut strings, I was asked by someone who wanted to know how they were made and if I had any going cheap. So I began explaining the process in detail and when I got to the sheep's intestines needing to be very fresh and hot and so the animal was still alive at evisceration, the phone went dead... I rest my case. As in, I do care about how mass slaughter is cruel enough but again and again, I keep wondering why keep prestige alive and kill off endangered species by signing that petition? Ivory is being sold buy the ton. If you sign that, then you should be made to work in a slaughterhouse. Too many of us on the planet. China throws out millions of ivory goods daily globally using dollars and euro, Ebony, ivory, tortoise shell, etc. Stop them by not buying it.

Use alternatives which are better, safer, more stable and then people who are still living in the middle ages might become endangered species.

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