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Another interesting(?) violin bow. French?

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Out of the four bows I've purchased recently this is the one I'm most looking forward to having re-haired.   I love the elegant tip and the dark chocolatey wood used.  Is this a French bow and what is the wood used?  










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1 hour ago, Ratcliffiddles said:

Just a generic German 20th century bow of little value. Difficult to see what the wood is due tocoloured varnish.

Ah thanks. My full frame Nikon with flash reveals a lot. I hadn't considered the dark tint of the wood being due to heavy dark varnish. Light is terrible here at the moment but morning sun has allowed me to take a pic without flash. Is the tip unusual for a generic German bow?


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A direct flashlight isn't very suitable to photograph bows or other instruments, too much reflection from the surface to see anything in particular, and daylight is either too diffuse (clouds) or hard. It's always better to use two independent artificial lights, a broad one and a spotlight, and some processing to correct colour and shadows.

This head looks like the german version of "swanhead", nothing unusual, and probably Brazilwood/Abeille.

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