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Question for the Bow experts re: Old MOP


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The photos are of an old bow that I have. The question is about what I assume is mother of pearl on the eyes, the adjuster, and the slide.  I've never seen a bow where the MOP looks somewhat primitive like this.  Is that just an indication of the age of the bow, or just amateurish workmanship?  Since it is somewhat unique, is it worth having the MOP repaired when I get the bow rehaired?  I've never had this bow rehaired, so I'm not sure if it's a good player or not.  In fact, i'm not even sure it is worth rehairing, but just curious about the MOP. Thanks.








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3 hours ago, Brad Dorsey said:

If it were mine, I would rehair it assuming that the stick is reasonably stiff and it has no major faults.  But it might not be worth it for you to pay someone to rehair it.  It could also use a new grip.

Yeah, it would only be approx $60-$75 to rehair, so probably worth a shot to see how it plays. Then I could worry about the cosmetic aspects later. Agree on the grip. It has been played a lot and very well worn.

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