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Scroll broke off!


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4 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

I always count till 20 slowly, ie. one elephant, two elephants…., then put it down somewhere where it will not be in the way of children, women with vacuum cleaners or any such, and don't go near or even touch it untill the next day.

Would it work to count one buffalo, two buffali,  for those of us in the US and Canada?

What about one crocodile, two crocodillies?

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34 minutes ago, Bill Yacey said:

Special machine for cleaning up galactic particles and moon dust in zero atmospheric pressure conditions. Most housewives don't bother though.

My "spousal unit" has worn out more than one vacuum cleaner in a few years. :lol:

No, I'm not willing to dump her on you,  irritating as her obsessive vacuuming can be. ;)

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11 hours ago, Rue said:

What did you do to her??? :angry:


5 hours ago, Bill Yacey said:

NSD,  I'll bet.    = New Strings Day

When you say it, I did get a renewed supply of gut strings lately... ;)As for the cat, it was a cat my daughter was catsitting over the holidays. So it eventually went back home. 

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Hi Papageno - a quiet note of caution - be aware that the feeling of great satisfaction on discovering a talent for making invisible repairs might lead you to an addiction of looking for more things to repair.

It's a well known fact, frequently observed that some makers stop making altogether in favour of just doing repairs -  wandering around with downcast eyes, muttering endlessly to themselves,  looking for missing slivers of wood

In bad cases some have been observed to staggering about the workshop bashing a just-completed violin against edges of benches! When I caught Brian doing it - he sheepishly muttered something about the customer wanting the violin "antiqued"

I've known it reach such a level of compulsiveness that one begins saving the shavings and chips for reassembly on a  rainy day. Of course the excuse I gave Brian was that placing the shaving directly from plane  into a plastic bag (hanging from two cuphooks that I had strategically screwed into the bottom of the bench) was that it saved on sweeping up at the end of the day. I might just have got away with that one. Although he's such a nice guy that he probably didn't want me to feel embarrassed.

Of course it is useful when you have just carved through the bottom of your purfling. :-)

Well done - edi

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