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Dwight Brown

The Title for this item made me laugh!

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19 hours ago, DoorMouse said:

This brings to mind the classic animation, The Point.. 


I had a dog named Arrow!  The breeder (my sister) sent him with a copy of this movie :-)

Me and My Arrow!


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It's funny to watch people trying out the cornerless fiddles,, a couple of cornerless and a couple of regular ones back to back,, after a bit they'll exclaim this one doesn't have any corners on it,, it's amusing how long it can take for some to notice even after they've really been looking at it. That tells me that the curves are right,,,I actually took the curves from a photo of a girl at the beach,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,B)

I had someone contact me to purchase one of my cornerless fiddles,,,He said I would like one of your pointless fiddles,,,I sat there and thought what in the world is he talking about? Pointless fiddles! Pointless fiddles! I thought,,what the heck does that mean? If he wants one why would he call it pointless? Without worth, without direction, vain? I never considered calling a cornerless,, pointless.

and I have actually accused my wife of being way to literal.

Evan Slow

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I had always thought that "points" were the sticky-out projections on "corners".  So you can have a cornerless violin or a pointless violin with corners.  They are not the same.

my cornerless violin back.jpg

my pointless violin.jpg

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I think it looks very cool.  The shape is very nice but even stranger is the wide splayed strings on a guitar-like saddle.  Why so widely spaced?  Why a guitar saddle?  Double the input on the belly? Yes, it is very cool.

Marty's pointless violin is very nice too.  But then again it is pointless.


Then we have this Nilsson guy.  Never heard of him, but he's quite a trip; or on one.

Think About Your Troubles

Sit beside the breakfast table
Think about your troubles
Pour yourself a cup of tea
And think about the bubbles
You could take your teardrops
And drop them in a teacup
Take them down to the riverside
And throw them over the side
To be swept up by a current
And taken to the ocean
To be eaten by some fishes
Who were eaten by some fishes
And swallowed by a whale
Who grew so old, he decomposed
He died and left his body
To the bottom of the ocean
Now everybody knows
That when a body decomposes
The basic elements
Are given back to the ocean
And the sea does what it ought'a
And soon there's salty water
(Not too good for drinking)
Cause it tastes just like a teardrop
(So we run it through a filter)
And it comes out from the faucet
(And pours into a teapot)
Which is just about to bubble
Think about your troubles


The cello, and Marty's violin are less pointless, as far as pointless goes.  I think.


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In my world, as many of you know, everything is pointless, I see no point to anything, everywhere I look, no points, and well at a certain point one wonders whats the point of all these points anyway, I suppose it's pointless to ponder pointlessness as it is to ponder points, but I think the point I'm trying to make is that, even though everything is pointless, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have any meaning.

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32 minutes ago, Marty Kasprzyk said:

I tried to score some points with my ex girlfriend but it turned out to be a pointless effort. 

well, that's because you didn't corner her I hear they have laws against that though, so I try to abide with no cornering 

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