Challenging repertoire for post-Grade 8 violinist

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I'm planning on buying my violinist friend some sheet music for Christmas.

I'd like to get her something challenging, but not totally impossible. She's just passed ABRSM Grade 8 with a high distinction (140). 

I know next to nothing of violin repertoire, so would really appreciate any suggestions as to suitable music.

Many thanks for any advice!

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15 hours ago, uguntde said:

The Franck, Brahms, or Beethoven sonatas?

I was gifted a set of Beethoven Sonatas (Henle), and they are a treasure!!  One of my favorite things in my library.

But, then again, IMSLP has all the public domain stuff in decent enough editions.

György Kurtág's Signs, Games, and Messages for Solo Violin is an excellent introduction to Kurtág's particular sound world.


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There are lots of lovely pieces out there. What kind of music is her favourite ?

The RCM syllabus is on-line. You can look through the Grades 8, 9 and 10 material and see what's there.

I like the solo pieces to work on - on the side. And I prefer the pieces that I can also listen to repeatedly without getting bored.:ph34r:

For example, I'm a fan of Wieniawski. Legende is really lovely. It's in the Grade 10 list.

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As a Christmas present I would get a nice edition of the Mozart or Beethoven sonatas. This is something to enjoy for many years and it is unlikely that a young player already has this. The 2nd volume of Mozart sonatas is all playable for a grade 8 and some are very beautiful.


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Besides the Sarasate and the Franck, she's probably got the rest mentioned here and the right editions.

I was thinking...I like the Serge Blanc marked up Bach Sonatas and Partitas.  You can get the Kindle edition and you could have it professionally printed up and bound at a good print shop.  She probably has a good edition, like Galamian, to take to lessons, but I really like the bowings and fingerings in the Blanc.  It would be unique and sort of handmade-ish.

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Free is great.

But, I much prefer a printed copy for anything I'm actually going to work on, mark up, etc.

Though, FWIW, recently I have taped a photocopies to card paper, which at least gives the paper more stability - makes it more durable. But I still prefer the larger size of (most) printed material...etc.

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And that involves an extra trip to the print shop and associated less than buying music, but more than "free" or "almost free". ^_^

Wonder how long - if it happens- before orchestras switch to some form of tablet? I think e-paper is better, but it doesn't seem to be evolving...

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Just now, The Violin Beautiful said:

If money was no object, I’d ask for the Bach sonatas and partitas. I’d put the facsimiles of the originals first, then my favorite edition after that. All printed on parchment, hand-bound with a leather cover and marbled edges.

No 14K gold leaf on the edges???

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