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A violin without label, although one can see where the label was. One pece front and one piece unfigured back.I would say this has to be a Kloz of some kind. Georg II?  The f-holes are untypical. Can supply more pictures for better ID. The top and bottom blocks more square shaped and not round (more what I know from French instruments). The corner blocks exxtend further into the (one piece) bottom rib than intot he C-bout ribs. Sounds nice, dark tone, typical for such a highly arched instrument


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15 minutes ago, Jeffrey Holmes said:

Not sure it matters much.  My daughter had a male betta fish once named Betty White.  It didn't seem to mind.

Fishes don't have the feelings of a violin, but maybe more humour (and a shorter life span, especially male Betta).

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The f-holes are not atypical for several Mittenwald makers. If you can give the metrics (back length and the three usual widths), I might be able to suggest a few possibilities. I have accumulated a Mittenwald database over the years... The locator pins on the back (top and bottom) are the unusual thing. They are pretty rare on 18th century Mittenwald instruments - though I have noted them on some instruments by Sebastian, Joseph and George Klotz.

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