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Help with casting plaster


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Hi, I bought a large round plaster Paris carving to hang on wall. I need to strengthen it up or it will break. It is circular and when I lift it I see 1/3 of it kinda of sags because of cracks. I need to put something on it to make it stronger so it will not break. I have seen some of you cast cellos and other stuff that has enlighten me to use other products than plaster. Some have used Hydrocal and say it is strong? I have also seen mention a dental product Tec.......?  ( I don’t rem the full spelling but some have mention used by dentist) If I wanted to strengthen my plaster piece of art, can I coat the back of this round object will these products help from breaking? Which is strongest and will it adhere to plaster? Does anyone know? I got onto this site somehow in hopes of finding an answer. Thanks for your help in advance.


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