Original String Quartet - would love some feedback and comments.

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Well, it's way too short to be a string quartet...  It reminds me of a student exercise to be handed in, short with lots of "stuff".   It also reminds me of the new scoring to go with silent movies that I see on TCM sometimes.  I like the way it starts.  When it hits the triplet quarters it seems to stifle it rhythmically for no particular reason.  The ending, it says "In Complete Resolution.." but do you mean "Incomplete"?  It needs to resolve to A.  From your C#, maybe C#, E,A,  or C#, G#, A.  or C#, B, A.  There are ways to end it in A that still feel ambiguous or impressionistic if that's what you're after.  If it was movie music it could fit some unresolved event on the screen there though. 

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