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 Some time ago I received a list of gouges and their different uses.  As you can see from the list that they are different brands.  The question is:  are all the gouges the same sweep, width, and radius of curvature if each is No. 6 or are all brands different.  If not how do I convert his list to Pfeil gouges?       His list is below:

Brand names : Wolf, Dastra, Henry Taylor, Stubai N° : the sweep number engraved on the gouge, an indicator of the curve but applies only to gouges of the same brand Width : the width at the cutting edge, measured with a caliper Radius of curvature : draw a circle of given radius and mark the indicated width, to obtain the real curve of the gouge ; superimpose your gouge to the circle to see the correspondence of the curves. Use : main use of the gouge Scroll Wolf n°4 - width : 22 mm - radius of curvature : 60 mm use:  pegbox and carving (scooping) of the volute Dastra n°6 - 18mm - r 17.5 mm carving of the volute and first turn vertical walls Henry Taylor n°6 - 17.5 mm - r 13 mm first turn vertical walls and carving the sta



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