Listening to the sounds of violinmaking

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David Burgess  recently mentioned that he listens to the sound of his sharpening to help him

get the right angle of tool on stone and I realized I intuitively do the same thing. 

I  listen to the sound of all my tools working the wood to help me find and maintain the best angle,

position or speed of whatever I am doing.  This is only possible in a quiet shop and I have

come to cherish silence and have moved twice to escape noise pollution some of which is unwanted musical sound.

I wonder about those who work with recorded music playing in their shop and how they compensate for

the loss of an important sensory input.

I am also interested in hearing others thoughts about listening to such subtle sounds in a noisy world.


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I work in silence in my shop, although I do have a stereo system there,  I realized that when I want to listen to music I want to do just that, and when I work I want to concentrate on my work and yes, the sounds of wood and tools  in harmony are quite rewarding.

Cheers, Mat

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