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Jacobus Stainer real or not?


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No resemblance to a Stainer.

To me has all the features of a Voigtland ( now Vogtland) instrument ( Saxony, Markneukirchen/Schonbach, "Musikwinkel", "the usual" - there are a lot of descriptions of this type of workshop instrument as millions of them were produced in the 19th and first part  of the 20th century).

Tail piece is nice and also very  typical of this region.

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18 hours ago, DimaGeorgi1977 said:

but wood experts told me - it old wood - about 200 years old!

Why would you even think Stainer then? He was dead before the tree was even a seed. Was this dendrochronology? Just looking at the fiddle you have to think the wood was 130-160 years old. 200 is certainly possible, but I suspect these makers used wood as soon as it was ready, probably a few years after cutting.

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