New scroll graft order of operations

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So, I've done many scroll grafts on older, "existing" instruments, but never on a new "non-existent" instrument.

I know there are many makers that do them routinely. My question is, what is the best order to do the work? Should one carve the scroll, including the pegbox, then fit the neck to that, or is it better/easier/smarter to just join the two un-carved pieces? The latter strikes me as easier and more forgiving. I'd love some thoughts and advice.


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I have done 4 grafts using the block first method, then carve the scroll.  Seems easiest for me... using a milling machine to cut the mating features.  It requires planning, though, to get the dimensions right, and then laying out and carving the scroll accurately.

Actually, my most recent one was a bit of a hybrid.  The scroll was mostly done when I screwed up something on the neck.  I still was able to use the milling machine for the cuts, though.

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