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Question for makers. How many instruments have you made?


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11 hours ago, Jim Bress said:

Paying for kids college? :rolleyes:

Not at that point. It had more to do with being recently divorced, wanting to continue living in my very modest house, and wanting to maintain ownership of my tools, forms, patterns, fixtures,  wood, methods, intellectual property, and business, all of which were arguably half hers. So I needed to be in a position to buy her out, or I might even have been out of a job, at least for a while.

Second time around, I had a pre-nupt, giving me sole ownership of anything relating to my business. Live and learn. :blink::)

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On 11/12/2018 at 11:00 PM, PhilipKT said:

That feeling must be incredible. I have exactly zero skill in creating anything made of wood except firewood,  but the joy you feel at being able to create is matched by my awe.

congratulations! Please post photos?

Sorry I've been traveling and this comes a bit late.

These are the pics. The latest features me (black shirt), my teacher (right) and the "maestro" (father of the teacher) in the centre.

I made it at Escuela Malagueña de Luthería Chacón, in Malaga, Spain. https://goo.gl/maps/mw6ygA4rJJq

Hope you like them.






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6 hours ago, PhilipKT said:

Congratulations, the feeling must be amazing, I hope you will make others.

Indeed it is.

I'm learning and making my first bow (let's see if I can get it octogonal) using a nice 6000 lucci blank, then a second violin is my closest objective. At the end a full string quartet would be very nice to finish!




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35 minutes ago, MANFIO said:

It is interesting how some important makers had a rather low output, about 50 instruments known made by Carlo Bergonzi, the known works of most Brescian makers is on the low side too.

yes, but didnt he spend a long time working for Strad?

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15 hours ago, Christopher Jacoby said:

I’ve finished 137. There are a dozen in various unfinished stages downstairs. I made 18 in 2016, and three were cellos. Some correlative physical problems in hands and hips!

That is truly more than impressive. Since that topic is all around at the time, how many machines did you use? ;)


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On 11/12/2018 at 1:03 PM, David Burgess said:

I don't know how many instruments I have made. Probably something between five hundred and a thousand.

That's my own fault. I was taught early on that only amateurs put numbers on their labels, or get obsessed with how many instruments they have made. Apparently, Stradivari and Guarneri did not

Sadly, I have never gotten beyond that. ;)

I put the date when the label was glued in.  Same for rebuilds etc.   I do so only because I want to be able to refer back to any notes I have made.

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On 11/20/2018 at 8:25 AM, MANFIO said:

Chris, you are a machine!!!

Luis, my respect to you!

On 11/20/2018 at 9:15 AM, Michael Szyper said:

That is truly more than impressive. Since that topic is all around at the time, how many machines did you use? ;)


Thanks, Michael. :)

I started looking into machines AFTER that 18 instrument year. I've finished a few instruments made with the arches roughed out by cnc now, and done a half dozen with tracing router setup plates. I used my own models, and arches i copied of my own for the models intended, and quite liked the process. My plates were 6 mm thick uniform before I started messing with them. I haven't kept it up.

For cello, for years, I've used a hoof trimmer by Arbortech for maple roughing.

I got pre-arthritic cysts behind my knuckles that year, and the warning signs of an oncoming frozen shoulder. 

I don't think someone who CAN make a fiddle on the side of a mountain with no electricity should be ashamed or hassled for removing excess wood with sometghing that saves their body. Suggesting otherwise is the work of broken philosophy. I don't enjoy it more. But I do employ young makers instead whenever the year's money allows...

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On 11/14/2018 at 1:21 PM, MikeC said:

:D   I'll win the ugly competition.  

Sleep with one eye open, I have some tough competiton for you! :D


Reg. how many, the nr is 1. I spendt two years making my first one. Then two weeks making half of my second one, wich has since been unfinished on a shielf for almost a year. Maybe around Christmas I’ll have some spare time again.

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There was a thread a year or more ago about how many instruments it was thought to take to make them at a professional level but I couldn’t find it . I know that quantity doesn’t prove anything but does anyone else remember or are able to find the thread ? It’s seems someone thought it took at least 30 

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