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Wood Butcher

Oh dear...

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Scroll... crappy, but I have had worse.

Scrolls don't define the sound, and Testores are visually ugly all over.

But if they can't tell Pirazzi from Obligato, they apparently can't tell Milano from Mongolia...

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12 hours ago, ______ said:

Seems legit :ph34r:

Especially teh partially disappeared purfling. Is it some kind of soluble wood? :huh::rolleyes:

The violin is unpurfled, and in this case, it has been painted on. As the edges get worn, the paint wears off.

A Milanese instrument wouldn't have painted purfling would it?

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Let the wise ones say about the painted purfling - it has been occasionally an italian habit, too, truly.

For me actually rather interesting feature.

But the label is disgrace, however, :)

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