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Deft again

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I use thickened Deft as a crack filler or as base for my touching up.

I used to buy it from Holfter in Germany

Last time he delivered it was more "oily" than usual .... and it does not thickens at all

then I tried to buy some from Cremona tools.

It is basically ok but for the fact that it is yellower than what it use to be

and sometime even used very very carefully with a scraper to level everything up it take with it a very small blub of the original varnish



I wanted to ask you if you have a different supplier in the States or any where

the firm makes so many types of different varnish that I don't know what to order

could any one help to find some white Deft ?


thank you in advance


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It is pretty easy to find...

We use different types, often spraying the satin into a paper espresso cup and then brushing it on where we need it is the preferred method.  I have not been very enamored with Deft since the early 90’s when we used it at Francais, but it is nice to have in the quiver.  It is great for furniture and tools.

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