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Ray Weaver

Just another middling Juzek?

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So for my second and likely last violin photo id question. The label is a non dated Juzek, my guess being 1925 to 1945, nothing special. The sound (subjectively in terms of quality, demonstrably in terms of projection and clarity) is all I desire after a lifetime of trying lots of instruments between 10K and 60K. Apparently, according to some old Russian violinist I met in a regional orchestra, someone took the time to do a thorough degraduation. Still only worth a middling or lesser Juzek I know. 






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3 hours ago, Ray Weaver said:

Rats.  The first time it auto corrected to "degradation"...which was bad enough, or perhaps worse. 

Nah.  We would have caught that.  You can't degrade a Juzek.  ;):lol:

Seriously, as far as market value goes, it is what it is.  Pretty one, too.  Treasure the sound, and give people who look down their noses at the source of it your middle finger to stare at.  :)

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