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Which brand of UVA bulbs for drying oil varnish ?

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I would expect all of the mercury-type BL350 bulbs would be similar.  I'd slightly prefer not to have the purple filter (BLB designation), as it is unnecessary and might reduce output slightly.  Also, it's hard to tell if they're on or not.

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need for artificial UV depends on type of oil varnish you use (spirit or other evaporative varnishes don't need light). The commercial spar varnishes don't need any extra UV though it will speed up drying a bit. Traditional violin varnishes with unprocessed oil in them would take days to dry after each layer and need direct sun or other source of UV.
I use both types and use small Phillips suntanning unit I bought at pawnshop, it has four UVA tubes (5Watt each?) and works well. You can buy spare tubes and make your own box lined with Al foil and with some ventilation holes in both bottom and top, some folks add PC cooler to draw air in or out. these tubes don't produce much heat at all so all this may not be necessary. Don't over humidify (slows drying and may cause adhesion problems) small pot with water in the box is usually enough to keep the humidity in 40-50% range.
You should check violin forums for more info and pics. Try maestronet forum.
Good luck.

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