Sycamore cello neck

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We have lots of Platanus here in Portugal.

The major differences I've seen when compared to Pseudoplatanus are larger rays and pores. Maybe due to the warmer climate, and of course, being of a different genus. Looks great in turned pieces. Density and color similar to Pseudoplatanus, but oxidizes faster to a more yellow tone.

The larger pores, in my opinion, are the main problem, but otherwise should work just fine.

A wedge I've got here:


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Sycamore wood has strong physical and technological  affinities with beech wood,  except it has much more radial rays. That gives the heavily mottled (and fairly aesthetic)aspect on a radial cut. IMO it should have slightly lower density than most maples. the "grain" is somewhat rougher than maple, too. Expect it to be a bit harder to get fully polished.

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