Mittenwald Violin

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· My grandmother recently passed away and I found a violin in her closet. 

The label inside reads “Georg Kloz in Mitten Wald an der iser 1791“. 

The violin is noticeably smaller than my 4/4 which is a 1922 Czech violin though I’m almost positive it’s still a 4/4. I plan on taking this violin into my local luthier and getting it looked at. I’ve done a small amount research on the violin but haven’t gotten very far. The violin plays well and the build quality seems to be good.

Ill post photos of the violin. Any knowledge of it helps. 


















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I'm afraid that your pictures aren't terribly helpful for identification purposes. It would be much better if you would photograph it outside in the garden in natural daylight with some white(ish) wall as a background, and be careful not to have any detail in a shadow.


What one can see is a fairly middle of the road Mittenwald violin from the end of the 18thC/beginning of the 19thC. In need of fairly extensive professional attention. The trouble with the Mittenwald makers of this period is that almost the whole town made violins and were related to each other, worked for each other etc. and that a vast percentage of these violins have facsimile “Klotz” labels (which I would presume here). There are a few of these makers who can be discerned from the crowd, one needs reference examples to do so however. The best collection of such reference examples can be found here:

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I'm more bullish on this one than the other guys, as far as condition goes. Maybe because older m-walders can be much worse. The previous repairs were not done to the highest standards, but they could still be stable and it could be a fine player. I'd be most worried about dropping of the neck and maybe the stability of the cracks around the button. But that may not be a problem. It does need a whole new setup though, including peg work and probably a new fingerboard, bridge and soundpost. that can run up a pretty good bill alone, but its all stuff you would expect. A-peg crack may need attention. 

It doesn't seem to have a back SPC, maybe not even a top one (kind of rare), ribs look OK, scroll looks OK, and probably original. On my screen it looks like a lot of intact varnish (hard to tell though). IMO way better than the "Kloz" that was up last week with the shotgun blast worm holes.

Even if you decide not to do anything its still pretty cool considering that this was a found object from your grandmother's closet

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On 9/4/2018 at 9:30 AM, jacobsaunders said:

What one can see is a fairly middle of the road Mittenwald violin from the end of the 18thC/beginning of the 19thC. In need of fairly extensive professional attention. 

Dear Jacob. In your opinion, which would be the attention needed in this violin? 

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