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I looked up plotting text at an (x,y) location and just added this line to my program.  It plots all z values.  Maybe later I will exclude the outline.

text(x, y+10., [num2str(z)], 'FontSize', 20);    % plot z value with a y offset

Matlab ( or Octave ) is a very efficient programming language since the default type is a vector.  No need to write For.. Loops.



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Just to finish up this Matlab (Octave) contour program in case there are some interested programmers.   I could not find an easy way to exclude the boundary points using one if statement so I used a For Loop to iterate through all the values in the vector (1 dim array).  Here is the code.  It is a bit of a "hack" since if an internal point has the same value as an boundary point it will also be excluded.  So I am going to leave as is for now.

for i = 1 : length(z)
     if z(i) != 4.2000   % boundary value of the edge
         text(x(i),y(i)+10.,[num2str(z(i))],'FontSize',20);  % plot z value with a y offset


Now back to violin making.

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The top is a one piece spruce 0.34 gm /cc which is on the light side.  Because the grain lines are very close on the treble side compared to the bass side I decided to angle the treble f hole a bit more to cut more of the grain lines for more freedom of movement in that area.  I also do a bit of fluting of the lower f-hole wings.



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The box is closed and now it is time to move to the scroll.  


I now have to match the grain and flame of the ash with a maple neck block.  I have a pre-cut (profile ) of a maple neck block but it was cut a long time ago and so does not conform to my method now.  I tried to adapt my "printed scroll label" to this matching maple block but found out two things that bothered me.  The pegbox was about 4 mm shorter and it was a bit too heavy.  It would end up being about 10 gm heavier. 


Luckily I was able to find another more suitable one... similar grain and lighter.


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Its been awhile since I posted.  I am still in the process of setting up the ash, pear, maple and quilted maple violins after varnishing.   i like to let the oil varnish harden for at leat 4 or 5 weeks before I polish and do the setup.   Both maple violins are a dark golden brown; the pear violin is red-brown and the ash violin is amber.

Here is the ash violin drying in the sun



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IMG_0013a.thumb.jpg.f785c413daefe816e955c623bc4e7072.jpgHere is  a rib and neck  repair I did a few months ago.  It involved the standard button graft, neck reset, plexiglass counter form etc...  I had some free time and I wanted to document the process for future reference.  The hard part was replacing the small missing fragment from the rib.   Before and after...



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