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Interesting violin with Strad label


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I have been offered this fiddle, but couldn’t find it in the existing known Strad record.  It came with a certificate from a little known dealer.  It sounded like a hoax, but from the photos the violin looks real.  Don’t claim to be an expert here, appreciate your thoughts.  

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Does it come with dendrochronological analysis? most Strads are made from the same tree as a bunch of others, which always helps when there is a doubt. (and this has happened on several occasions already).

Looks like a Strad on first glance to me, but then a recent one I tested also did and wasn't. Back very similar to one of the same year.

Are you seriously being offered this violin?

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On ‎8‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 10:33 AM, Torbjörn Zethelius said:

Not a very good copy IMO. But a nice fiddle.

I disagree Torbjörn, it's quite good, not bad anyway, apart from the scroll which  doesn't have Strad's beautiful sense of proportion.

I'm not joking either. I think it's a good Chinese copy. Does anyone here really think it's not a recent copy? And if so, why?

This thread is a bit strange. The violin world is very strange. But mostly in a good way.


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As a relatively new poster on MN I hesitate to write this, but it seems like the OP knew this was a tarisio auction photoset and is trolling for an unknown reason.  


There are several posts along the lines of "I've been offered this violin..." and it's usually an eBay fiddle and now it seems he/she's expanded source material for these fake posts.  I'm glad I learned about the "ignore function" recently.


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