Old violin, unknown maker. Any ideas

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A Strange old violin with great arching and finishing plus lovely varnish. The back length is 35 cm. The neck appears to be tipped forward with a wedge at the heel to increase height at bridge. the scroll is small. The pine on the front seems to be folded over rather than cracked through.

It does seem to have some quality and definitely feels like it would play. It does have ink written makers name Amati by ???

ches side.jpg

ches arch1.jpg

ches b arch3.jpg

ches b scroll.jpg

ches back.jpg

ches back arch2.jpg

ches back arch4.jpg

ches endpin.jpg

ches f scroll.jpg

ches front.jpg

ches front arch1.jpg

ches front arch c.jpg

ches s detail.jpg

ches s scroll.jpg

ches label.jpg

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