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5 string , string height


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I use a rounder curve and put a Heilcore C at 5.5. It is difficult to get the string height with a regular violin curve and not end up playing triple-stops, unintended, on the G string.

Also, I use a 43mm Stamm bridge for 5 string fiddles, using about 10.5 mm center to center spacing at the bridge.

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Normal nut. I found that making them wide(26.5mm) doesn't work for players. I can't fit things in if it is less than 24mm. The above bridge is going on a Mirecourt fiddle that is 365mm. The nut is 24 mm and the strings are about 4.5mm center-center. I will leave the C closer to the edge of the board since I haven't seen anyone go up the neck on the C, but that 0.5mm seems to make a big difference to the player on the E side.

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5mm at the nut. String height depends a lot on the player. Most 5 string players improvise and like to play faster than many classical players. "E" 2.5-3mm with the "C"at 3.5-4mm. with tha you gage the height of the other strings relative to the string on each side so you can play a single note with out hitting any other string.

Helicore makes a 5 string set that is popular with the players and their newer Kaplan "VIVO" with a short scale VIVO "C" is a wonderful string.

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