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What to do about a bad glued back split

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Hi, I just glued to halves of the maple back, and I got a split of 0.1-0.2 mm wide, however only on the surface. There is no light visible through, but the split width is visible from the backside of the back, so it may be visible at the end of the process. Is there anything I can do to fix this?




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4 minutes ago, Nick Allen said:

Bandsaw the joint and re plane it and glue it again.  It may only appear to be visible on the surface but it could go deeper. 

What he said..might also ask what happened so it,s not repeated a second time, three times and you got a pattern....also consider starting the thread over in pegbox, might get more views /input discussion. 

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My experience with clamping is not good.  :blink: I find that there is a tendency for the clamps to split the seam because the clamping forces are not perpendicular to the joint. I notice that Davide places clamps on both plate sides. Perhaps this circumvents the problem. Anyhow, I do a rubbed join. 

As for fixing the problem of a bad join, I saw the seam open and redo it. I did have one maple plate that had a hairline open seam, so I applied hot water to the crack and clamped it shut. I was lucky. 

BTW, this thread should be moved to The Pegbox.

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