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Beautiful pic Conor!

12 hours ago, Martin McClean said:

I know a true scientist who could explain the science without diminishing the miracle.  I'm just humbled and impressed.

Whas he talking about Mandelbrot? There is a whole thing about explaining nature design with Mandelbrot fractals (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fractal_Geometry_of_Nature)

Its the first thing i think about every time a see a scroll, Mandelbrot fractals, its like scrolls made of scrolls that are made of scrolls:


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3 hours ago, Conor Russell said:

I thought it was worth showing.

Like Martin, I thought it was simply glorious.

It is beautiful.

All joking aside - it is so nice to be able to take a moment to just appreciate nature's miracles :wub:.

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