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Cello origin? It’s kind of fugly...


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Here is a summer project... wondering the origin.  My guess is amateur American, Ca. 1930.  The scroll is further than 6 o’clock, more like 7:30, or so.  Ffs look like a first attempt.  Though fully lined with corner blocks, the slight view of the c block looks not let in, nor mitred.  The purfling also looks like an amateur, especially at the corners.  It has some unidentified glue, a sound post patch, and well... let’s just say it was not expensive ;)











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5 minutes ago, HoGo said:

Could it be just poorly refinished one? I think there are traces of darker finish in some places. The edges seem rather flat, often result of sanding the fininsh away...

Totally agree on the flat edges, but doesn’t look refinished to me... although I kind of wish it was- I don’t like the varnish.  Still completely baffled about the origin. :(

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White vinegar, beside destiled watter (you can try that first) is a possible way to go. Jar and cotton thread method. Vinegar will react as a solvent for many protein or pva based glue, but not all unfortunately.

Wet the thread put it on the small section of the joint and another end in the jar. Leave it over night. You probbably know that alreaddy.

Try to open a joint while still wet. I had only one time expirience onece,  with 1950`s Antonio Stadivari. But it worked. I managed to open the instrument which was glued with some yelowish rubery glue. Cleaning the gluefrom the top and ribs afterwards, is messy and time consuming but it can be done.

In any case, very nice choice of wood, who ever made it.

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