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Sharkskin: Has anyone used this for violins, cellos, violas?


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8 minutes ago, l33tplaya said:

It's just a Sandvik clone I'm pretty sure. I've used Sandvik, and it's awesome for things like neck mortises and pegbox sides and stuff. 

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15 minutes ago, edi malinaric said:

Often wondered what part of the skin one would use and how to cure it.

cheers edi

The back and sides I know have the roughness.  Shark skin is like if you move your hand from head to tail there is the smooth feeling.  If you try moving your hand from tail towards the head you get the roughness that feels like sandpaper, something like a 150 grit, maybe 120 or 180 grit.  It's been awhile since I've been around sharks.

Alive sharks smell very bad and I can't say 100% for sure, but they may smell better to the human nose when they're dead but regardless it's a bad smell.

Wear gloves and start cutting/peeling squares of skin, put into a water bucket and sort out when you get home, I guess.

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On 7/18/2018 at 8:47 PM, edi malinaric said:

Thanks Connor - belly it is - any special preparation? I've done the occasional bit of Cape Cobra snakeskin tanning (local garden hazard). Maybe I'll just skin off a strip of sharkskin and try various things.

I've searched our local mountainsides for equisetum but nothing doing.

cheers edi

Hi Edi-  Here's a blogpost with some information on preparing sharkskin:  http://dequincey-violin.com/2016/01/shark-skin/

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1 hour ago, Michael_Molnar said:

A few days ago in Iceland, I had the opportunity to handle some sharkskin. I found it to be coarse and somewhat inflexible. I think your time is better spent making instruments not substitutes for modern abrasives. 

Though I'm always getting older,  I like to keep my curiosity alive! : )  

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6 hours ago, Michael_Molnar said:


Do you have a fireplace?


Hi Michael - yes - but following our recent ban on any garden watering I also now have no almond trees, plum trees, cedar tree. However I have lots of firewood.

However winter might not be over just yet - and there's always next year.


It works superbly - made by a friend of mine.


cheers edi

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