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Can you help me find more info on this cello


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     I found this cello today for a very cheap price and I was hoping someone could help me find some information about it. The varnish is starting to crack so the instrument was either mistreated or has some age. Previous owner seems to have rigged bass tuners on the peg box which seemed odd but did work. There is a Stradivarius tag inside the cello; it looks like the model number is HG,644 and the serial number is 505002. It played nicely and had the similar sweet, full sound of other Stradivarius instruments but I couldn't find anything about the instrument. It doesn't have any flamed maple or figured wood types, looks pretty plain, but I don't know much about instrument identification. Not sure if it's a real Strad replica so if anyone could help with my search it would be greatly appreciated. (sorry for the bad photos. just tried to snap a couple before i left.)                                        IMG_9533.thumb.jpg.aedaa1945b545b73c5c2d9f49bae983d.jpgIMG_9536.thumb.jpg.8da0f4cf09ceee974982cf772d853444.jpgIMG_9538.thumb.jpg.f8654b001494ed7681c480e4a300837c.jpgIMG_9537.thumb.jpg.f45d493293e5745548b2532e48622208.jpgIMG_9535.thumb.jpg.ecb5ecc58e3bf671e2919df50347ea18.jpgIMG_9541.thumb.jpg.d300f75ffa70f4d5174cad934c11bf7c.jpg

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