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Gagliano and Fleury violin ID?

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I just opened my account. I wish this wasn't the first thing I'd have to post. I've been following Maestronet forums for a long time, but without an account. lol Opened one so I could post this question. I'm still trying to figure how to use this. lol 

Sorry for the not-so-great photos. These are all the stupid seller could take. What do you think of the violins? In theory the labels say,

Joseph Gagliano filius
Nicolai fecit Neap. 1760

Photos >> (Click the link to go to the flickr album)



Benoist Fleury, rue des Boucheries
Faubourg S. Germain a Paris 1770

Photos >> (Click the link to go to the flickr album)


Measurements for the Gagliano are,  total length is 59,2 cm and the body length is 35,6 cm.

Measurments for the Fleury are,  total length is 59,4 cm and the body length is 35,8 cm.


I'm no violin expert, I'm a historical keyboardist and builder. I would play the violin if I had enough time to invest in learning, so for now all I can do with my is educate myself about them and admire them. I know a thing or two about violins, and I'm not so dumb to think every violin for sale is the real thing as the label says. lol I've been ripped off with harpsichords in the past, so the same logically happens with violins. I used a bit of common sense to sort these out from some other ones I was looking at that were terrible Victorian factory made stuff. I'm trying to find out more because I was thinking of purchasing one or the other for my brother who is a violinist, but I rather ask those who are more knowledgeable for their opinions. I smell they might be fakes. I don't see a neck graft so it makes me doubt them very much. What do you guys think? 


Thanks in advance, 

Amade1783 ;)



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