Johann Babtist Schweitzer

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Reading this post was helpful. I left the U.S. with three pictures of my violin with a floral bedspread background. Very contrary to your recommendations. The instrument was last purchased in the 1930’s for my mother with a Johann Baptist Schweitzer label. She did not learn to play so it has been handled at a minimum. Having spent the last three days in Budapest I included on my trip furthering my knowledge of Johann Baptist Schweitzer. I will attach these ill advised pictures until I can replace them. Looking to confirm the maker.




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11 hours ago, mysticpaw said:

How many thousands of Markies do you guess were produced with an 1813 label ? :D 


All of the tens of thousands with apocryphl „Schweizer“ label. Schweizer himself didn’t even move to Budapest until 1820ish, in 1813 he was a journeyman in Vienna in the Geisenhof workshop

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