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6 hours ago, Rue said:

Is that the real colour? Or is it just the photograph?

Yes, it is the real colour. It is quite orange, but not objectionably so.

10 hours ago, Barry J. Griffiths said:

To me it looks like contemporary Romanian work, like a Gliga. Deep channels at the edges and the scroll. Any label?

It does have a label... but it doesn't say 'Contemporary Romanian work' :lol:




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Well it ain't a Gaibisso.

I wouldn't know if it's Gliga, but it looks like a very recent tradey sort of thing with a hard nitrocellulose varnish. The only place I've seen this sort of violin is from an Ebay seller in the south of France, generally with a fake label and a brandstamp or two. And a lot of black muck added ...

Here's a Gaibisso :





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Fake label , 

GAIBISSO, Giovanni Battista Born 1876, died 1962 Alassio Italy. Pupil of Pasquale Baraldi in Alassio. Established at Alassio, Genoa, following Baraldi’s death 1896. Moved to South America 1912, then to Nice to work for F. Bovis 1922. Returned to Alassio 1925, from which time he produced his best work. Stradivari, Guarneri, and Rocca models; credited with over 450 instruments of consistent high quality. Awards at Turin, 1911, Rome 1925, and Padua 1931 and 1934. Golden or orange-red varnish. Also made guitars. Gaibisso Giovanni Battista / fece Alassio anno 1929 / Medaglia d'oro Esp. Int. Torino 1911


your label written the year of made 1967 , Gaibisson died in 1962 

and your violin looked like made later than that date too ,

but it similar to "Ton-Klar Dancla" or "karl knilling violin" and that label inserted later or fake , or but "Not" a Chines made (yita/LiuXi)  

it is a European made  ;  Reghin "Romania" / Czech / Hungary 


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9 hours ago, mood2000 said:

Fake label

Well yes, isn't the first rule of Maestronet ID to ignore the label ?

I only posted the label as the question was asked.........


9 hours ago, mood2000 said:

your label written the year of made 1967

Actually, it probably does say 1961 - in fact it looks just like the 1's that appear in Serge Blanc/George Enescu (famous Romanian!)penned on page 10 of this document

- a long tail on the 1's at the start of the bar lines is the characteristic to note here

Remember too, Europeans cross their figure 7s thusly


IF it was true to label you'd think it would be the last violin made by Signor Gaibisso :blink:

Thank you Martin for your pictures......I was actually struck by the weird similiarity of the buttons(considering the number of variants of this shape that there are) but I have 

noticed the lack of a border on the label of the Orange violin; I know there is/was a duplicate label available on ebay and I read somewhere that Gaibisso's (generally/often)have a brand.

Does your example have a brand Martin?

The orange violin is devoid of any markings.

Question - can anyone describe the interior work of a 'Romanian' violin?

A Swiss trained qualified luthier who stood up the soundpost once, said the interior work of the Orange violin was of a superior quality.

Myself, I think it is a teeny little bit finer than a 

9 hours ago, martin swan said:

tradey sort of thing

however I take your point....but I discounted Ton-Klar Dancla or Knilling from a brief look at them.

The luthier didn't 'cane' the varnish either and this from a man who once told me another violin I showed him was "a grotesque piece of barbarian workmanship"

(well, he had a point it's pretty awful but it is marked repaired in B.C and Hobart which seemed odd for junk to travel round the world)

The Orange violin does seem to have a lot of visual commonality with Romanian violins as Barry and Reg opine, thank you Gentlemen. And Mood.

Apparently Oistrach played a Romanian violin at the 1967 Enescu festival.

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1 hour ago, Amateur Dieudonne said:

Well yes, isn't the first rule of Maestronet ID to ignore the label ?

No, not ignore it. The label, fake or real, is still part of the ID process. 

1 hour ago, Amateur Dieudonne said:

"a grotesque piece of barbarian workmanship"

I need to remember this description. :lol: 

1 hour ago, Amateur Dieudonne said:

which seemed odd for junk to travel round the world

Not really odd or unusual at all.


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