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On 6/12/2021 at 4:39 PM, Televet said:

We would welcome suggestions for what the label should say.  Jim Bress has suggested it should have two labels in honour of Craig's unique posting style...:D

But what should it say?

Shouldn't there be a third label which reads, "Guffaw"?

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It would certainly save another trip if you are okay with that and Dorian doesn't mind. 

Sounds like we are ready for the chin rest and case from Dwight once we know where to send them. I am more than happy to pay for pegs strings etc if needed.

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Speaking for myself I would be honored if you would set her up if Chris and Nick are happy to ship her on once the varnish is good and dry. That might work well since Dwight is at least in the same State as you for the case.

I think we are all eager to hear this violin. I wonder if we could organize a streaming sound check? Anyone know any soloists we can badger for a celebrity endorsement :ph34r:

I am hoping we can get the finished violin up to the Pacific North West before it is sold. Are we all okay with me approaching Jason Price to see if we can place it in a Tariso sale or does anyone have a better plan. 


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6 hours ago, Christopher Jacoby said:

The humidity and hundred degrees heat have been FIGHTING ME. The varnish fogged up just going out into sunlight for this photo! But it is done, and headed to Dorian today. Thank you @joerobson for the varnish you provided me so long ago. All went well.

Nicely done Chris

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