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On 5/16/2018 at 7:47 AM, Andreas Preuss said:

I wonder how experts in 100 years will make the difference between a violin made in Cremona and a violin made in China after 2015 or so. So many have same models same style same varnish because Chinese makers imitate always things which sell well. 

Yes, I agree completely.  One of my  personal violins is from Yitamusic, I’ve always enjoyed the tone and appearance and it was under $1k. 

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I also agree completely.

I have been searching for the best sounding violin(s) within our budget for the past 15 years for our two talented sons. During that time, I bought approximately 15 violins, all relatively old (at least 80 yrs), but one. While more than a half of them are not that expensive (1-5K), given what they are, we did pay up for the better ones, including a big name 19th century French. Believe or not, we recently ended of another new Snow JHS for the younger son as we did for  the elder one 10 yrs ago. Now, I do hope to end this exhausted, expansive, and everlasting searching process.

The Snow we just acquired, in my son's opinion, is simply better overall, especially with respect to tone (powerful, yet balanced and smooth with a hint of sweetness), quality, and playability. My son loves it so much, and thus only plays that violin now, although he appears to have other good options available.

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Well-made Chinese instruments can be very good!  I’ve been very pleased with Eastman.  One of my fiddles is a Frederich Wyss (Eastman upper model), my cellist son owns a Jonathan Li (Beijing) and Rainer Leonhardt (Germany). They are all fantastic instruments, in my opinion.  I’ve heard good things about certain Scott Cao, as well.  

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