Interesting old French Violin ID

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This violin has lain around my shop for many years forgotten until my moving recently unearthed it.

The label reads Francisco Lupot in Orleano 1764

I acquired it from a pawn shop for which I was doing repairs in this condition .

It clearly needs restoration and your expert opinions will help me decide whether it is worth doing.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.




P1020956 (2).jpg


P1020937 (1).jpg


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I agree wirh Jacob, nice violin

I would have thought it was more early 19th century Mirecourt, maybe even as late as Charles Simonin etc. Does it have a brand inside? Often they are quite inaccesible.

is it big?

nice to see the “lutherie coloniale” dowels at the corners ...

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I cannot see any brand inside but will look more carefully when I find my light and mirror.

Moving is hell. Ben Franklin said 'three moves equal a fire' and indeed I seem to have misplaced or damaged nearly a third of my

possessions in this move.

Yes, it is large at 360 mm.

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3 hours ago, ClefLover said:

I am completely unfamiliar with corner dowels, as this the first time I’ve seen it.  Is it considered a bit superfluous structurally and more ornamental?

they were meant to keep things together in the tropical climates.

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