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Cello Neck Repair

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Dear Friends, I am new to cello repair and to this forum.  Really appreciate all the helpful comments you posted about neck reinforcement.

So I was thinking . . . . these cello necks broke about an inch below the point where the neck intersects the belly.  The strings are exerting a strong pull toward the bridge and tailpiece.  I believe the traditional method of repair is to glue the neck back together while still attached to the instrument, then install one or two dowels vertically.

Would it be of value to install a dowel at an angle, top of dowel pointing toward the scroll and bottom of dowel pointing toward the top block?

And what kind of glue would you recommend?  Hot hide?  Epoxy?

Many thanks for your assistance, Fred

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If you look in your copy of Weisshaar & Shipman, under "neck pinning", pg 183, (which is about as traditional as you can get), you'll find that they recommend that the pin be put in at an angle, and say, "The angle of the drill should be as steep as possible. This is very important. If the hole runs parallel to the neck foot, the pinning will not hold."

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