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Craig Tucker, in rememberence.


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I've been missing him on the board and was worried this sort thing might be approaching.  I knew he had health problems, but he admirably never let them get him down.  As they say, Craig was good people.  Never afraid to call a spade a spade, and always willing to share a kind word.  You'll be missed be missed Boca Grande!  My condolences to his family who will miss him most of all.

R.I.P. Craig,


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I too have missed Craig.  It was always good to read his posts; he just said what he was thinking.  Like many here, he was like a friend that you knew about, but you wished that you'd get to know him more. The stroke seemed to really slow him down.  

He said that he missed being able to go out to conventions to meet up with fellow violin makers; but somewhere Craig is moving around freely, and all will hear his hearty guffaw.

Peace brother.


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My condolences to Craig's family. Even in my short time here, reading thru many old posts looking for helpful  information, Craig's rational approach and knowledge has been a great influence. I can see why he was so respected.


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I have the deepest sympathy for Mary and great respect for Craig. I didn't always agree with all of the things that Craig posted online and, on a few occasions, got into a little argument with him over some technique or belief or some other thing. However, his heart and quest for knowledge was unquenchable. He was a generous person and shared himself with everyone surrounding him.

I got to know Craig personally over the course of about three years that we worked together in his latest interest of making bows. Although I never had the honor to meet him in person, we had weekly discussions over Skype in our working together. Craig became a pupil, a colleague, a close friend, a brother, a confidant. Our weekly (sometime more) Skype sessions often lasted well beyond the hour time slot that we planned but were always filled with smiles and laughter.

Craig dedicated his time in the last few years to learning how to make a bow. He made incredible progress as a maker for someone that due to his illness had to spend much of his time at the dialysis center. Craig was gifted in using his hands, but also had the ability to smile and laugh at himself in his often less-than-successful attempts at stick and frog making. However, he kept on at it as long as he could, and it brought him great joy to learn.

Here’s to you Craig. You brought a spark to the people around you. You shared yourself selflessly. You made us laugh. You made us think. You brought us joy. Thank you.

Tonight, I will pull out the violin that you made and play it in your memory.


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7 hours ago, David Burgess said:

For those who are too recent here to be aware of this, one of Craig's hallmarks was multiple consecutive posts. ;)

Guffaw! (To quote CT).

I did not always see eye-to-eye with him, but I suspect that's because he was the bigger man.

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