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A.D.'s new bench

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I know I have a bench thread buried somewhere out there, but I couldn't figure out how to find it without scrolling through a year or two of threads, so I figured I should just start a new one...

I thought I'd start with a picture of my favorite piece of art in my shop at the moment (early 20th century French), and end with a couple primer and varnish shots, since that's what seems to be the craze at the moment.  Cheers!



IMG_4365 2.jpg

IMG_4386 2.jpg

IMG_4369 2.jpg

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I like the varnish.  My favorite varnishes seem to be ones that the color of the instrument is not easily described.  I like to visit maker's previous work.  Just so your old thread isn't damned to the bench thread graveyard.  




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