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Hi all, I’m new to violin and was hoping to get some idea of the age and/or origin of this instrument. The seller said it’s “probably French” and has been revarnished. Beyond that the only info I have is the body size, 350mm. I really appreciate any insight you can provide! Thanks :)










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On 4/29/2018 at 6:48 PM, jacobsaunders said:

I think you may presume that it comes from somewhere near Markneukirchen, and that someone has re-varnished it

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few more pictures now that I have the violin in hand. I was surprised to see it has four corner blocks, and that the fluting is carved into the throat of the scroll. I took a peek at the bass bar with a mirror and it looks to be glued to the underside of the table rather than carved from it. I added some better pictures of the rib joints as well. Could it still be from Markneukirchen? I’m very new to violins so my apologies if this is redundant at all. Thank you. 





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3 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

no, the new Pictures look less like Markneukirchen!

Thanks for looking! Any idea where it may have come from if not Markneukirchen? Or the construction method? Between the corner blocks, and two piece bottom rib, I’m thoroughly stumped! 



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3 hours ago, Ratcliffiddles said:

I am wondering if the neck is from another violin? (a Japanese one).

That’s an interesting thought! What about the neck looks Japanese if you don’t mind? I’m trying to learn whatever I can along the way!  

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15 hours ago, martin swan said:

The body, sadly revarnished, could be Low Countries. The long corners and Amatise f-holes would point me in that direction.

But the inner work is kind of sexy ... 

Do a dendro 

Thank you for your insight! Low Countries do seem a very good fit for the body. Any suggestions on where to get dendrochronology done? 

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