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Tsunami Violins and Cello....and viola

Stephen Faulk

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Link to a quick article about the Tsunami violin project. I posted it here in instead of the fingerboard for a reason....the Fingerboard can veer into the snarky ...anyway. 

This project is interesting because they made the instruments with some  wood from victims homes. And it's a really good use of violin making for a social purpose. I know a lot of makers take on projects that have a social development component, and that's big deal because it's difficult enough to just make or sell instruments. 

The story of the instruments has made its way into some Japanese school text books, I have a photo upcoming. That's very important because it raises the visibility of the musical arts in the consciousness of the general public. I hope makers learn about the story and share it. 




The story has now become part of the school text book curriculum along with issues in politics and science. A plus for violin making!  



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