Pernambuco bow blanks

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On 13-4-2018 at 9:30 PM, duane88 said:

6 blanks suitable for violin, viola, or cello bows.

$75 each+shipping


I made one bow with my friend Robert Morrow, and that was enough to show me that I am a violin maker, not a bow maker...

Hi Duane, i see 9 blanks, what about those 3 in the back?

What would be the shipping costs for Holland, Europe?

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Hello Emil,


I am not sure, but I think that shipping to Holland might be a problem. Please check into that and get back to me. CITES regulations and all. If I can ship them via US Postal Service, the shipping might be reasonable, but I would hate for them to be confiscated and destroyed.


The 3 in the back I am keeping for myself as they were gifts from a bowmaker friend.

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Brazil wood or Pernambuco is a rare exotic hardwood that is a burnt reddish-orange color. It is noteworthy that Brazil was named after this wood due to the fact that the vivid orange and burnt red colors of the wood closely resemble the soil of Brazil.Uses include but are not limited to orange dye, stringed instrument bows, and fine boxes. This is a very stiff wood that is the wood of choice for instrument bows.A glass like finish can be obtained for stunning articles! Caselpinia echinata. We are really fortunate that we can offer this unique historic wood!

We CANNOT ship this wood outside of the USA.
From the Cook Woods website in Oregon, USA, so it might not be possible.
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On 9/30/2019 at 9:10 PM, Pernambuco Wood said:

I have Pernambuco wood for sale. Enough for 500-600 bows.

I am retired. all wood is 30-50 years old.

Thomas Storie

Hello, I am a guitar maker and a friend asked me to make him a bow for his cello. Step one, finding Pernambuco with the grain cut exactly on the quarter. Are you pieces still for sale? I am in the Columbus OH area. Thank you .


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