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Cello patterns

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I am buying a new cello and was wondering what the different usual cello patterns, like Strad or Montognana, on average have on the tone of the instrument. If anyone had a link to a website explaining the differences between patterns it would be much appreciated I have looked and found no helpful links.

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I would say just try each cello on it's own merits and decide based upon that. I think if you go shopping with preconceived ideas about how model A will sound compared to model B, you will surely be disappointed, and likely end up confused. 
I would say the same thing about old vs new, but let's not go there! 

What you want is something that sounds good, is comfortable to play, well set up, good condition, and a guarantee from the place you buy one from. I'd also suggest that if in the end, you do settle on a Montagnana, or Gofriller type pattern, make sure it fits in several cases, not just the one provided by the shop to take it home on trial in. Some of these things will only fit in certain brands of case.

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