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Violin ID - unlabeled


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Hello All,

I recently found this instrument at an estate sale and ended up bringing it home. It is unlabeled and unfortunately the seller knew nothing about it. It plays nicely enough and is in acceptable condition with the exception of the repaired crack on the lower bout. I'm hoping to get a sense as to is possible provenance.

My own guess is early 20th century Mirecourt, but I'll let the experts tell me how wrong I very likely am.

Thank you for any suggestions you have!


















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Yes, correct on both points. Apologies for the somewhat dark photos. Saddle is maybe a bit less than half into the table, but still embedded. 

I thought the selection of a non flamed Maple for the neck was odd given the attractiveness of the back, but not sure what to make of it.

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4 hours ago, martin swan said:

Doesn’t really seem like Mirecourt - too idiosyncratic ...

It appears the bottom rib is 2-piece and the saddle is half into the table?

I would say Eastern European, not unattractive, post WW2 ....

That's no Mirecourt... I agree and has a nasty crack

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The scroll, and varnish extent on the neck, look rough relative to the body in a way that suggests (to me) relatively early Chinese or Eastern European workshop instruments.  This doesn't put me at odds with Martin.  

I think this might be an interesting transitional instrument between the typical pre-WWII junk and the later, more recent, better instruments.


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