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G(ustav) A(dolph) Pfretschner was a string spinner, who established the violin (and everything else) wholesale firm of G.A. Pfretschner in 1834. The firm supplied everything a violin maker or music shop could dream of until it was wound up on 30.06.1977. Bows, violins etc. were sourced in the area, so that it is rather like asking about a GEWA bow. They obviously traded with everything from quite good to really cheap and nasty

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The German version of JTL...some amazing things and also some disgusting things.  Bow-wise I've seen Rau and Prell bows with the GA Pfretzschner*** stamp - if purchasing things on looks alone I recommend avoiding anything without at least 3 stars.  Some other things might play very well but it will be even more a crapshoot. 


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