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Alex l. Reza

Customer walks in with a violin and what is it?!?!? Help with ID

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I have a violin that came in for some work and was trying to figure it out.  It has a story but not sure how it matches up to what the instrument may be.  It is long 363mm and the scroll was painted by great grand dad  :)  any help would be great and thanks in advance.  Think the name/label/writing is "Antone or Antoni  Petro Ratiniidi  Flectostriti (47)   1807"











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Looks like a made by an ambitious amateur (american?) fiddle with a bought in Markneukirchen scroll - or the neck and scroll were added later, what could have been the reason why it was painted. 1807 seems to be a bit over optimistic.

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The word "appalling" comes immediately to mind, but how much of the talent was the maker's, and how much abuse was contributed by later generations, isn't immediately obvious.  IMHO, the "label" is utterly spurious, done with a modern pen in modern handwriting.

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